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Month: November 2011

Interview with Chesspocalypse Author David McAfee

Happy Thanksgiving!


Bestselling Author David McAfeeToday, the fourth installment of the Chesspocalypse micro-interviews! David McAfee is the bestselling horror author of the Bachiyr Series (33 A.D. and 61 A.D.) of vampires in Biblical times, THE DEAD WOMAN (Book 4 in Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin’s Dead Man Series), and a truckload of short stories. He’s now also the co-author of the new installment in the Chesspocalypse Series with Jeremy Robinson, CALLSIGN: BISHOP.

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CALLSIGN: DEEP BLUE, the new Chesspocalypse Novella (and my Jeremy Robinson Bromance)

So, I actually had someone ask me about why I hadn’t mentioned this on my blog yet. It’s not top secret or anything, I just hadn’t had the time yet, and wanted to get the first three micro-interviews with the other Chesspocalypse authors up first. That’s right—other.

Jeremy Robinson, one of the coolest, hippest, most soft-spoken, and kindest authors out there, did me a supremely cool solid. He offered me the chance to write a novella of my own in the Chesspocalypse series. Well, actually, I suggested to him that he do a Deep Blue novella for the series, and he asked if I’d like to co-author. I was thrilled.

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Interview with Chesspocalypse Author Edward G. Talbot

Ed Parrot, one half of thirller author Edward G TalbotJason Derrig, one half of thriller author Edward G Talbot





Today I’ve got the third in my series of micro-interviews with the co-authors for Jeremy Robinson’s Chesspocalypse novella series.

Edward G. Talbot is the thriller-author duo of Ed Parrot and Jason Derrig. As Edward G. Talbot, they have authored NEW WORLD ORDERS, ALIVE FROM NEW YORK, and 2012: THE FIFTH WORLD. They are also the co-authors with Jeremy Robinson of the third Chesspocalypse novella, CALLSIGN: ROOK.

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