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2013 Prime to Omega Contest

[2015 Edit: The Contest Is Long Over Now.]

What’s that you say? You want another contest? You want Chess Team books?

Announcing the “2013 Prime to Omega Contest”!!!

Here’s what I need you to do. First, buy and read three books if you haven’t already:

RESURRECT is my first thriller. Got some great praise, but needs some more sales and reviews. Link here: Resurrect

My second solo novel is called THE CRYPT OF DRACULA. It’s an old-school take on Dracula. A little bit of horror and a whole lot of adventure. It needs sales and reviews as well. Link:
The Crypt of Dracula

Then I co-edited an excellent sci-fi / alternate world anthology called WARBIRDS OF MARS: STORIES OF THE FIGHT, that captures all the fun and adventure of the pulp era with horror, sci-fi, war, and action stories by some amazing talents. That book is desperately in need of reviews. Link:
Warbirds of Mars: Stories of the Fight!

Here’s what you do. Buy all three, and leave reviews on Amazon for all three (even if you buy elsewhere, because reviews on Amazon sell books better than reviews anywhere else). Simple.

Here’s how the judging works: Right now there are 53 reviews on Res, 29 on Dracula, and 2 on Warbirds. When I get 75 reviews on Res, 50 reviews on Dracula, and 15 reviews on Warbirds, I will look at the people who reviewed all three books and enter you for the random drawing of the prize. What if you previously reviewed one or two of the three, but you review the third title any time after now and when I hit those stated thresholds above? You’ll still be entered in the drawing.

What’s the prize? Glad you asked. A complete set of print Jeremy Robinson Chess Team books, starting with the excellent bestseller, PRIME, by Jeremy Robinson and Sean Ellis, and ending with OMEGA by myself and Jeremy (it comes out in September or October). That’s right, that’s 14 books, including all the novellas. I’ve listed them all out for you:

PRIME by Jeremy Robinson and Sean Ellis
PULSE by Jeremy Robinson
INSTINCT by Jeremy Robinson
THRESHOLD by Jeremy Robinson
CALLSIGN: KING by Jeremy Robinson and Sean Ellis
CALLSIGN: QUEEN by Jeremy Robinson and David Wood
CALLSIGN: ROOK by Jeremy Robinson and Edward G. Talbot
CALLSIGN: KING 2—UNDERWORLD by Jeremy Robinson and Sean Ellis
CALLSIGN: BISHOP by Jeremy Robinson and David McAfee
CALLSIGN: KNIGHT by Jeremy Robinson and Ethan Cross
CALLSIGN: DEEP BLUE by Jeremy Robinson and Kane Gilmour
CALLSIGN: KING 3—BLACKOUT by Jeremy Robinson and Sean Ellis
RAGNAROK by Jeremy Robinson and Kane Gilmour
OMEGA by Jeremy Robinson and Kane Gilmour

Every book a killer adventure. What’s that you say? You’re already a Jeremy fan (who isn’t) and you have all the books in Kindle or print format (well, all except OMEGA, because it isn’t out yet). Have no fear. I wouldn’t make the prize so mundane. I’ll sign the books I co-authored, and I will personally drive my lazy butt to New Hampshire and get Jeremy Robinson to sign all 14 books for you. How ‘bout them apples? A complete set, signed by the creator and author, and a few signed by a co-author as well.

So pass on the news to your friends and family. Go grab my books and start reading. Get those reviews up. Soon, you might be the lucky winner of the complete Chess Team adventures—and signed!

Still not enough incentive you say? You need more, like a free set of Ginsu knives, a set of Stan Tremblay Desert Eagles, or the blood from my stubbed toe? Well, I don’t have those things, but in addition to the grand prize winner, who will receive the set of books, I also have 5 runner-up prizes of a copy of OMEGA, signed by me and Jeremy. That’s right. Six chances to win and still get cool shwag. All you gotta do is read and review some great books (which you’ll probably enjoy anyway, but be honest in your reviews), and if you already reviewed some of my books, you’re already part of the way to being eligible.


Man of 21st Century Steel: A Spoiler-Free Review of the Most Recent Superman Film


“Your Mother’s a Tracer!” Chess Team, Co-Authors, and the Wonderful World of Working with Jeremy Robinson


  1. Ohhhhhhh!! Challenge accepted! 🙂

  2. I’m in! Warbirds was the last on my to-do list and it blew me away! All three were fantastic. But out of the 3, Warbirds is the one that I have the hardest time explaining to people. It’s a very unique experience— sort of a sub-sub-genre. I can’t come up with an elevator style pitch that does its uniqueness justice.

  3. Kane

    Glad you are in, Steve! I’d call it New Pulp Sci-Fi. Martian invasion meets air war and dark alley nocturnal avenger, with some horror and western thrown in for fun. Which is to say, the book is chock full of wacky goodness.


  4. Linda

    I’m in…will get books as of tonight…

  5. sharon ruffy

    I love your books. I haven’t read warbird yet. but I will look for it.

  6. Bob Dylan

    Has the winner been selected?

  7. Kane

    Hi Bob,

    I don’t update here as often as I should. Yes, indeed, the winner was Dustin Dreyling from Minnesota. But believe it or not, that only just happened in March! I do have giveaways and contests from time to time, though, which I never get around to putting on the site here. So follow in Facebook to get all those announcements. Thanks!



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