So where the hell have I been?

Week by week, the webcomic I write for creator and artist Scott ‘Doc’ Vaughn, called Warbirds of Mars, has been filling the internets with wacky Martians and late 1940s pulpy intrigue and old-fashioned goodness. Go take a peek if you haven’t already made friends with Jack Paris, Josie Taylor, Hunter Noir, and the mysterious Mr. Mask. The comic lives here.

My first thriller, RESURRECT, is languishing on the desk of an agent in New York, who is notorious for taking a long time to get back to people. But I hear he likes it. So that’s good news…

My WIP is a mystery novel that I expect to self-publish in the coming months. It’s coming along nicely. (I’ve set MONSTER KINGDOM aside until this one is done and out of the way.)

My newest announcement is for a novella I’ll be co-writing, and which should be published to e-book in early December. I’ll be making an announcement here soon, with cover art and everything (although readers that follow me on Facebook will have already heard this news).

I hope to have a series of micro interviews here soon, and I’ll be posting more reviews as well. Late 2011 and early 2012 is shaping up to be a busy time. I’ll either have secured an agent for RES or I’ll be self-publishing it. I’ll be self-publishing the current WIP (the mystery–more about that one in November). And the novella will be published in December. In early 2012, I hope to have a sequel to the WIP ready, as well as at least the first two books in the MONSTER KINGDOM series.

What do writer’s do over the summer? They write. Best quote ever for new writers from Micheal Connelly: “You know what I did after I wrote my first novel? I shut up and wrote twenty-three more.”