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September 28th – October 1st, 2017

Portsmouth, NH

So what is Robinsonfest, exactly? It’s an author event unlike any other. Started in 2015, as a way for international bestselling author Jeremy Robinson to spend some time face-to-face with his fans, three years on now, the event has turned into a Lollapalooza of Authors.

This year, in addition to Jeremy, I will be there along with international bestseller J. Kent Holloway (my co-author on the upcoming Interstate 0 book). Kent and I were also at the last two Robinsonfests, which we’ve held in Portsmouth, NH each year. But this year we’ll also be bringing some heavy hitters. New York Times bestselling authors Chris Kuzneski and Graham Brown will be joining us. I’ve met Graham once before at a convention in Albany, and he’s a swell guy. Chris, I know from countless e-mails and even phone calls, but we’ve never met face to face before, so I’m looking forward to that!

So what goes on at a Robinsonfest? It’s not as fancy as you might think. Snooty author panel discussions? Not us. Long lines for author signatures? Nope. In addition to eating at some of the best restaurants in the Seacoast and White Mountain areas of New Hampshire, we’ll be taking a cruise on the mighty Lake Winnipesaukee, hanging out at Franconia Notch State Park, blasting the crap out of each other at Lazer Tag and leaving Chris and Graham in the dust on the go-kart track at Hilltop Fun Center, we’ll be picking apples at Butternut Farm, and then we’ll have a low key, relaxed, chill afternoon, where fans can ask all the book-related questions they want and get all their swag signed.


And if it’s a huge author thing, why is it called Robinsonfest? Because Jeremy started it. His fans demanded it. They wanted to meet him, and he was cool enough to invite me, Kent, Edward G. Talbot, and Rick Jones along for the first year. The focus of the first year was locations appearing in Jeremy’s books. He led us on a walking tour of the neighborhood where he grew up—which features prominently in his Nemesis Saga series of novels. Last year, in addition to me and Kent, comic book artist extraordinaire Matt Frank joined us. We did a comic book store signing, planned a whale watch (that got rained out), toured a local brewery, and made a last minute dash to Massachusetts for roast beef, because that’s how we roll. Each year it’s been a bigger group, and we’ve had a blast each time. Great food, fun events, relaxed atmosphere, and by the end we all felt like family.

Participants come from all around the world—literally. The last two times Dee traveled all the way from Australia (!), and she’s coming again this year, too!


So here’s your chance to meet me, Jeremy, Kent, Chris, and Graham, get all your books signed, and have a killer weekend in New England to boot.

All the sign-up details are at Jeremy’s Beware of Monsters Blog, here. Sign up now, before all the spots are taken! You won’t forget it, and you’ll want to come back each year for more.




Here we are, halfway through 2017, and I have yet to have made even a single post this year. But as you’ll see in the coming weeks, there have been reasons. On the plus side, I’ll have a lot of new things to talk about here on KaneGilmour.com in the coming weeks, and as the year wears on, we’ll finally see some new material from me released.

2016 was pretty well shot for productivity, for reasons I’ll go into later in this year in detail. Right now, it should suffice for me to say that I will be discussing the following items in future posts:

  • The Origins of My Doctor Who Addiction
  • Interstate 0, Co-Written with J. Kent Holloway
  • The John Wick: Chapter 2 Premiere in Hollywood
  • The Death of the Island 731 comic book
  • The upcoming two-volume Fearful Fathoms anthology
  • The Long Delayed MECH: Age of Steel anthology
  • My Dabblings with Craft Beer
  • My Massively Overdue Divorce (and the results of that)
  • The Long Delayed Monster Kingdom
  • My Next Release, Viking Tomorrow, Co-Written with Jeremy Robinson
  • A Feature on Working With the Cover Model and Photographer Behind the Viking Covers
  • The Return of Edward Phantom
  • Ice Sheet (The Novel Formerly Known as FROZEN)
  • What’s Up With That Frankenstein Book Kane Was Going To Do?
  • Deadmares: A Novella
  • What Is “A Slice of Tranquility”?
  • A Serious Book Called Serious House
  • Who Is Ed O’Grady?
  • What Is A Fictionaut?
  • Robinsonfest: What It Is, Who’s Coming, and Why You Should Be There


There are also some other things I have planned to review along the way, like episodes of Doctor Who, the blockbuster films I’ve seen this year, and some great things I’ve read. I imagine there will be some other things I’ll want to say, too. But that’s a preview of what the rest of the year will look like on this blog.

One of the things I will not be doing on this blog, is finishing my ‘Ass In The Chair’ series. First off, I’m in no position to talk now, am I? But second, too many other authors are writing ‘on writing,’ and they are presenting far better info than I have or would. Plus, the subject kind of bores me now. I tend not to write on here when I have nothing to announce or nothing to say on a given topic. Or if the topic feels like too much work. I figured it would be better for me to spend my time writing about what I’m interested in: what’s coming next for me as a writer, film, Doctor Who, Craft Beer, and whatever else tickles my fancy. I know a very small number of folks—Steve Manke, I’m looking at you here—will be bummed that I’m abandoning the ‘Ass in the Chair’ series, but these new thematic shifts should accomplish the main goals of this blog: for me to have actual content on it, and to bring you here to read it.

I’ll also be streamlining and updating the Books section on the site, so people can actually find my work. The future is looking good, and hopefully we’ll be hearing a lot from each other as the year rolls on.

ISLAND 731 Issue #1 is Out Today

First issue hits your local comic book store (LCS) today. Get the to the LCS. Buy All The Copies. Make me proud. You won’t regret it.

Issue 1 Cover

Kickass art from Jeff Zornow. Words by Jeremy Robinson and yours truly. Six-issue series. Second one is out in October. You need to order Issue #2 before the 26th of August if you want to be sure your LCS doesn’t run out of copies. You can still get copies online of Issue #1 from the publisher at their Captainco website, here.


Comic Books Full Circle: Island 731

This week I’ll knock something off my lifetime bucket list: Professional comic book published with my name on it as writer. Not my first dabbling with comics, of course. There’s the amazing New Pulp series Warbirds of Mars, created by Scott P. ‘Doc’ Vaughn, a webcomic for which I was the writer from 2010. Doc collected the web strips and printed them up in actual print comic book form, and we sold them online and at Comic Cons, like the big one in Phoenix (not as big as San Diego, but getting there). I’ve also been working on a script for Doc for a printed graphic novel of the Warbirds, for which he ran a successful Kickstarter campaign.


But this week, Island 731 will be released in comic book stores, having been solicited and shipped through the Previews catalogue from Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc., the sole remaining distributor of comic books to stores across the land. I’ll get paid. I should get some comp copies. And I’ll be able to walk into my local comic book store, Wonder Comics and Cards, in Barre, VT, and see my comic book with my name on the cover, sitting on a shelf.

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