I’ve heard a lot of authors refer to having some variation on an idea drawer. Mine is actually a spreadsheet. Right now I have ideas for about 40 novels on it. Most likely not all of them will get written–some are probably fragments of ideas that will get trashed, while others might get folded into other stories.

The ideas stack up because I’m working a 40+ hour a week job that sometimes goes to 60+ hours, as well as a second job editing book manuscripts for other authors. Hard to find the time lately to work on my own stories. But the build-up of creative juices is good. When the last build-up occurred last year, I rented a cabin in New Hampshire and pounded out a good third of my first novel. Hopefully the ideas crammed to the gills will lead to more productivity as I strive to get books that have rattled around inside my head for years onto paper, so there’s room for the next thing.

The spreadsheet has a page for novels, one for short stories, and another for comic book ideas–should I ever find my way into that industry.

Sometimes I only know the title. Other times I have the whole plot planned out. Resurrect was fully planned out. Monster Kingdom has been more organic and goes in places I’m not expecting. Both interesting ways to write.