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Introducing RESURRECT – A Jason Quinn Thriller

December 6th, 2011. This book is finally available! Read on below the pic!

Resurrect - A Jason Quinn Thriller Cover

11 years after I started the book, it is now available on Amazon here. It should be up on B&N and Smashwords soon. Available in print in a few weeks.


In the 1850s, a madman proclaims himself the Son of God and raises an army, taking over half of China.

A century and a half later, his descendent and legions of devoted followers plan to take over more than just China.

When alpine engineer and mountaineer Jason Quinn, a man with a past mired in tragedy and violence, meets archeologist Dr. Eva Rayjek after a plane crash in the high Himalaya, neither of them are expecting wave after wave of Chinese assassins. Pursued to America, the frozen ice of the Gulf of Finland, and the heights of Hong Kong, Quinn and Eva connect her investigations with the machinations of charismatic shipping magnate and cathedral-builder, David Hong. As a scheme to obtain a private audience with the Pope at the Vatican comes to fruition, Hongโ€™s fanatical followers are preparing for global warfare.

If Quinn fails to stop Hongโ€™s plan, the entire Catholic Church just might crumble.

RESURRECT is the first book in a series featuring mountaineer Jason Quinn. It’s 96,000 words and fans of Matthew Reilly, Jeremy Robinson, James Rollins, and Clive Cussler will probably enjoy it a lot.

In fact, here’s what Jeremy Robinson, bestselling author of INSTINCT and THRESHOLD, had to say about the book:

“RESURRECT by Kane Gilmour is a smart, taut thriller
that takes the genre forged by Clive Cussler
and makes it fresh again. The combination of history,
conspiracy and explosive action
makes the book impossible to put down.
Highly recommended!”

High praise, indeed. The launch day was pretty busy, and I was inundated with congratulations, “Like”s, tweets, compliments, sand sales. Thanks to all that made the launch a success!


Interview with Chesspocalypse Author David McAfee


Interview with Chesspocalypse Author Ethan Cross


  1. Shannon

    Hi, Kane,
    I just finished CS: DEEP BLUE and I loved it. I really enjoyed how you brought in additional characters, including Anna Beck, and focused some of the action on them, rather than solely on Duncan. Everyone loves a Die Hard-type story and DB was really well-written and entertaining. Possibly my favorite of the whole series.

    One clarifying question: what is the difference between White One’s and Black Zero’s roles in service to Deep Blue? Are there Blacks One through Five, just like with the Whites? If so, where were they?

    Second curiosity question: I was going to ask Jeremy this as well, but since you edited all of the CS novellas, you might have a good handle on this too. Before RAGNAROK comes out, I want to re-read THRESHOLD and the CS stories. What do you think is the most logical order in which to read the CS books, as far as chronology or common sense?

    I would think QUEEN and ROOK would be the final two, as they are tied together and flow into the RAGNAROK storyline. KNIGHT and DB also seem to be tied together, due to the Beck connection. And I would assume the 3 (Jeremy said there would be a 3rd) KING stories would probably be best read in consecutive order. BISHOP was kind of a stand-alone. Any thoughts on that?

    Lastly, I’m really excited to start RESURRECT. I’ll give you some feedback once I finish it.

    Sorry for all of my rambling thoughts and questions. Thanks for your time!

  2. Kane

    Hi Shannon,
    Glad you liked it!

    As for staffing, Jeremy had mentioned additional staff at the end of Threshold. I ran some ideas through him and what we came up with was the following:

    Black Team–Primarily field based.
    Black Zero (Anna Beck); Personal Bodyguard to Deep Blue and other miscellaneous field work.

    Black One through Eight = 2 Black Hawk pilots, 2 crew members for the Crescent, 2 Intel operatives (one analyst and one field agent), and 2 mechanics.

    The White Team is more home based.
    White Zero was Lori Stanton, Deep Blue’s Left Hand assistant if Anna was his Right Hand. She was more technical support to DB’s computer wizardry. Now deceased.

    White One: Matt Carrack. Head of security at the Alpha base.

    White 2 – 5 were the security force featured in CALLSIGN: DEEP BLUE.

    The remaining three members of White Team were 2 scientists and 1 weapons expert.

    The team members not shown in the novella were simply not on site yet, because the base wasn’t set for them to all show up. Jeremy suggested that the action take place right before they were about to move in, so not everyone was there yet.

    As for sequence, that’s funny you should ask. Jeremy’s been getting the question a lot on Facebook lately. If you have an account, you should friend us both. We’ve been having a lot of fun on there, and one or the other of us is usually around to answer questions.

    The sequence is as follows:

    Then the first two KING books and QUEEN, ROOK, BISHOP, and KNIGHT all loosely take place at the same time.

    DEEP BLUE definitely takes place after KNIGHT, because of the Anna Beck thread. Also after KING 2, because of the Brainstorm reference.

    KING 3 – BLACKOUT will wrap the Brainstorm story, and takes place after the events in the epilogue of DEEP BLUE. I think it’s supposed to hit my desk for editing around late March, but that date isn’t set in stone, naturally.

    Then RAGNAROK in late summer-ish.

    CALLSIGN: QUEEN leads directly into Queen’s role in RAGNAROK as she searches fro Rook, and CALLSIGN: ROOK is very important to RAGNAROK, because the town featured in it is where RAG will at least partially take place, and we’ll find out what’s up with those creepy people there. :)(Another reason to get on Facebook–Jeremy posted his design for the cover art on RAG already. Very cool.)

    DEEP BLUE was kind of important to RAG in the sense that we get a feel for Duncan’s field capabilities–Jeremy plans to get him in the field in RAG as well.

    Lastly, I’m thrilled that you’re gonna start RESURRECT. Looking forward to hearing how you like it.

    If you get a chance, please leave a review on Amazon or B&N.com for DB. It needn’t be a long one. Every good review helps.

    Thanks again for reading!


  3. Shannon

    Wow, awesome details! Thanks, Kane!

    I also received a response from Jeremy, who answered similarly to you, but not with as much detail. However, after thinking about it a little, I think this is the order I will re-read them.

    KING 1
    KING 2
    KING 3

    Just feels right to me.

    Unfortunately, I’m not much of a Facebook or Twitter guy. I think it’s fine for people with a business to promote (such as yourself), but if I want to connect with a friend, I just call or email him/her. Nothing wrong with either way. Different strokes for different folks. Call me “old school”.

    Talk to you again soon and, yes, I will put a review on Amazon when I’m done with RES.

    Thanks again,

  4. Kane

    That works for a sequence. I’m pretty sure Ellis isn’t planning anything that ties too heavily into continuity in KING 3. It’s just meant to wrap the Brainstorm story. Your proposed order should work out great, keeping the details of ROOK fresh in mind before RAGNAROK. I might just use your order myself to re-read them before I edit RAG. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks in advance for the review!


  5. Kane

    And the Ethan Cross interview is up too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Shannon

    Just read it. Nice work as usual.
    BTW, I’m on ch. 8 of RES. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Kane


    Thanks on the interview and thanks again for buying RES. Hope you enjoy.

    Next interview will be a bit longer: Me, interviewed by Stanley Tremblay of FindTheAxis. com (Jeremy’s best friend, formatter of all the Chesspocalypse books, and the inspiration for Jeremy’s Rook character).

    After that, I’ll be interviewing Stan to give you some behind the scenes stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. Cat Wright

    Kane I really enjoyed Resurrect. I will pass it thru the school house befor I bring it to the library. It was a thrilling and enjoyable read. I was pleased to meet you the other night. Thank you for the book. >^-^<

  9. Kane


    It was great meeting you too. Glad you liked RES! Just let me know if you want me to come down to the library some time. Besides just promoting my own work, I’d be happy to discuss writing, e-books, and the new independent publishing landscape, with practical answers for those wanting to pursue the typing lifestyle. ๐Ÿ™‚


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