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On the Success of Doctor Who

Yep. I’m one of the converted. Sometime in the 70s, on a lonely afternoon, I stumbled across the strange warbling theme song of Doctor Who on PBS. I was instantly entranced, and the rubber monsters the bug-eyed fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, encountered, were right up my alley. I didn’t always know when the show was on, but if I happened to be flipping channels and it was on, I’d watch.

Years later in the 80s, my stepfather watched the adventures of the fifth and sixth doctors religiously, and I would tune out thinking how bad the sets and effects were by 80s standards, and thinking those guys weren’t the real Doctor. My stepfather had explained the regeneration thing to me, but I really was only interested if a Tom Baker re-run was showing.

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Man of 21st Century Steel: A Spoiler-Free Review of the Most Recent Superman Film

Most people will either love or hate this film, all because of one crucial scene near the end of it. I’ll get to that issue in a minute, but let’s look at the rest first. Let me say that I enjoyed this film. I loved the acting. No performance was lackluster. Henry Cavill and the two other actors that play Clark Kent at ages 9 and 13 are all perfect. I’ve heard there was some CGI enhancement of Cavill’s musculature, so he looked beefy enough for the role. I don’t know if that’s the case, or if it’s all natural muscle, but I can say that this is the first actor to play Superman in live action film or TV that looks beefy enough to me. Christopher Reeve was skinny as a pole. Brandon Routh was even skinnier. This guy looks like my vision of Superman. As for the rest of the cast? Amy Adams’s Lois could have used more to do on screen, but she gets her moments. This isn’t a Lois film though, it’s about someone else. I expect she’ll have a meatier role in the next one. As for Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, and Diane Lane? Fine performances all around, and they add to the film. And that’s coming from someone who loves Lane, couldn’t care one way or the other about Crowe, and actively dislikes Costner.

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No Spoilers—What Is the Best Bond Ever?

As the title of this review implies, there are zero spoilers lurking in this review. And when I say ‘zero spoilers’, man, do I mean it. I take my James Bond seriously, so much so, that when I went up to Essex Junction last night (a 40 minute drive) to catch the 0:07 hrs showing of Skyfall, as I stood in the lobby of the cinema and they were showing previews on a huge flat screen TV over the concession stand, when they played one for Skyfall, I refused to let my eyes even glance at the screen.

Before going to see the film, I had seen only the first international trailer. I had seen none of the TV spots and none of the additional trailers. That was by design. I wanted no spoilers. I take them more seriously with Bond than with anything else.

Before I get to talking about the film, without actually talking about it, I want to mention the cinema. I went to a midnight showing, yes. But I might not have done so if it wasn’t for this particular cinema. Essex Cinemas has what they are calling a T-REX cinema. 400 seats of extra-wide, leather-clad, memory-foam, rocking goodness with the required drink holder built into the arms. A 60-foot curved screen with digital projection. 18 amplifiers and 124 speakers (typical cinema has around 1/3rd of those). This place was serious about their movies. As a special midnight showing, the auditorium was thankfully not packed. But then again, this is Vermont, where sidewalks roll up promptly at 6pm. I was able to grab a seat just about in the center of the terraced auditorium. Perfect. If that all doesn’t sound amazing, just remember the running time of the film is 2 hours 40 minutes. Then I had the 40-minute drive home to look forward to. That’s right. No sleep til 4am. So those features were worth the loss of sleep for me.

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RAGNAROK–The End of Everything?

Today is the day.

RAGNAROK is here!


No, not the actual Norse End Times, but the new novel from Jeremy Robinson and Kane Gilmour. The book is available in all formats, from all places, today. If you step into your local bookshop and don’t find one, get on their case and have them order it for you.

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