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Here we are, halfway through 2017, and I have yet to have made even a single post this year. But as you’ll see in the coming weeks, there have been reasons. On the plus side, I’ll have a lot of new things to talk about here on KaneGilmour.com in the coming weeks, and as the year wears on, we’ll finally see some new material from me released.

2016 was pretty well shot for productivity, for reasons I’ll go into later in this year in detail. Right now, it should suffice for me to say that I will be discussing the following items in future posts:

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A Writer’s Summer

So where the hell have I been?

Week by week, the webcomic I write for creator and artist Scott ‘Doc’ Vaughn, called Warbirds of Mars, has been filling the internets with wacky Martians and late 1940s pulpy intrigue and old-fashioned goodness. Go take a peek if you haven’t already made friends with Jack Paris, Josie Taylor, Hunter Noir, and the mysterious Mr. Mask. The comic lives here.

My first thriller, RESURRECT, is languishing on the desk of an agent in New York, who is notorious for taking a long time to get back to people. But I hear he likes it. So that’s good news…

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Been working on revisions for “Resurrect”. Nearly there. Also working on book 2. Changed a few things around on the site too.

Will post soon on some of the revision work and what that entails for me.

07 Sept 2010

WordPress Ahoy!

At long last, the new Web site and blog are up. I’ll try to keep it fresh and current. In the credit where credit is due department, Tim Conley was great help in getting WordPress onto my site.

Have a look around the site. There’s info about “Resurrect”, links to some Web comics I’m doing, stuff about my writing struggle, and some things that inspire me.

The WordPress thing is new for me, so let me know if you spot problems with the site.


20 July, 2010

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