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Happy Holidays, Have Some Mayhem!

Happy Holidays, everyone. Here’s a free short story. Download and install on your e-reader, or snag the PDF to read on the device of your choice. When you’re done, check out the Warbirds of Mars anthology for more Martian Killer goodness.


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2013 Prime to Omega Contest

[2015 Edit: The Contest Is Long Over Now.]

What’s that you say? You want another contest? You want Chess Team books?

Announcing the “2013 Prime to Omega Contest”!!!

Here’s what I need you to do. First, buy and read three books if you haven’t already:

RESURRECT is my first thriller. Got some great praise, but needs some more sales and reviews. Link here: Resurrect

My second solo novel is called THE CRYPT OF DRACULA. It’s an old-school take on Dracula. A little bit of horror and a whole lot of adventure. It needs sales and reviews as well. Link:
The Crypt of Dracula

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Warbirds of Mars: Stories of the Fight! Release Date

Coming soon from Quickdraw Books, my little imprint.

WARBIRDS OF MARS: STORIES OF THE FIGHT! is an anthology featuring some amazing talents. The book will debut at the Phoenix Comicon on May 23rd. Book is edited by myself and Scott P. Vaughn.

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