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Here we are, halfway through 2017, and I have yet to have made even a single post this year. But as you’ll see in the coming weeks, there have been reasons. On the plus side, I’ll have a lot of new things to talk about here on KaneGilmour.com in the coming weeks, and as the year wears on, we’ll finally see some new material from me released.

2016 was pretty well shot for productivity, for reasons I’ll go into later in this year in detail. Right now, it should suffice for me to say that I will be discussing the following items in future posts:

  • The Origins of My Doctor Who Addiction
  • Interstate 0, Co-Written with J. Kent Holloway
  • The John Wick: Chapter 2 Premiere in Hollywood
  • The Death of the Island 731 comic book
  • The upcoming two-volume Fearful Fathoms anthology
  • The Long Delayed MECH: Age of Steel anthology
  • My Dabblings with Craft Beer
  • My Massively Overdue Divorce (and the results of that)
  • The Long Delayed Monster Kingdom
  • My Next Release, Viking Tomorrow, Co-Written with Jeremy Robinson
  • A Feature on Working With the Cover Model and Photographer Behind the Viking Covers
  • The Return of Edward Phantom
  • Ice Sheet (The Novel Formerly Known as FROZEN)
  • What’s Up With That Frankenstein Book Kane Was Going To Do?
  • Deadmares: A Novella
  • What Is “A Slice of Tranquility”?
  • A Serious Book Called Serious House
  • Who Is Ed O’Grady?
  • What Is A Fictionaut?
  • Robinsonfest: What It Is, Who’s Coming, and Why You Should Be There


There are also some other things I have planned to review along the way, like episodes of Doctor Who, the blockbuster films I’ve seen this year, and some great things I’ve read. I imagine there will be some other things I’ll want to say, too. But that’s a preview of what the rest of the year will look like on this blog.

One of the things I will not be doing on this blog, is finishing my ‘Ass In The Chair’ series. First off, I’m in no position to talk now, am I? But second, too many other authors are writing ‘on writing,’ and they are presenting far better info than I have or would. Plus, the subject kind of bores me now. I tend not to write on here when I have nothing to announce or nothing to say on a given topic. Or if the topic feels like too much work. I figured it would be better for me to spend my time writing about what I’m interested in: what’s coming next for me as a writer, film, Doctor Who, Craft Beer, and whatever else tickles my fancy. I know a very small number of folks—Steve Manke, I’m looking at you here—will be bummed that I’m abandoning the ‘Ass in the Chair’ series, but these new thematic shifts should accomplish the main goals of this blog: for me to have actual content on it, and to bring you here to read it.

I’ll also be streamlining and updating the Books section on the site, so people can actually find my work. The future is looking good, and hopefully we’ll be hearing a lot from each other as the year rolls on.

New Books and New Looks

So Endgame is out now. The book is a strange hybrid of a novella, a guidebook, and a short story. It’s a comprehensive look at the 18 books out so far in Jeremy Robinson’s Jack Sigler/Chess Team thriller series, for which I’ve co-authored a few books. This one, for the foreseeable future, will be my last.

Written as if you were taking a peek into Deep
Bcannibal-by-jeremy-robinson-biglue’s personal files, the book is filled with character bios, book summaries, and art. It also has a nice little framing-sequence short story around it, that tells you what happened to Deep Blue after the end of Cannibal (Book 7), which was also recently released.

Here’s the description for Endgame.


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