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Happy Holidays, Have Some Mayhem!

Happy Holidays, everyone. Here’s a free short story. Download and install on your e-reader, or snag the PDF to read on the device of your choice. When you’re done, check out the Warbirds of Mars anthology for more Martian Killer goodness.



In this short story, which acts as a prequel to Scott P. ‘Doc’ Vaughn’s Warbirds of Mars concept (which has yielded a webcomic, radio podcasts, and an all-star prose anthology, with more on the way), we learn about the origins of the silent and deadly Martian Killer known in the series only as Mr. Mask. Long before he gained that name, the hybrid Martian/Human is struggling to survive in pre-war Japan, living off the land, and avoiding detection. But an old blind man discovers him, takes him home, and teaches him a trade, while subtly imparting lessons about life, identity, and family. Mask finally finds purpose in life, but the Martians are on their way to the quiet little home in the forest, and nothing will ever be the same.

“The Bitter Edge” is a 9,000-word short story (24 pages in print), and it was originally printed in the 2013 anthology Warbirds of Mars: Stories of the Fight!

Mobi Format for Kindles. Click Here to Download.

Epub format for Nooks, Kobos, and others. Click Here to Download.

PDF format for other devices. Click Here to Download.


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  1. sharon ruffy

    kane are thelinks working? you know i am technicaally challenged and it isnt working for me.

  2. Kane

    Sharon, they are working on my end. Which one did you try?

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