So Endgame is out now. The book is a strange hybrid of a novella, a guidebook, and a short story. It’s a comprehensive look at the 18 books out so far in Jeremy Robinson’s Jack Sigler/Chess Team thriller series, for which I’ve co-authored a few books. This one, for the foreseeable future, will be my last.

Written as if you were taking a peek into Deep
Bcannibal-by-jeremy-robinson-biglue’s personal files, the book is filled with character bios, book summaries, and art. It also has a nice little framing-sequence short story around it, that tells you what happened to Deep Blue after the end of Cannibal (Book 7), which was also recently released.

Here’s the description for Endgame.


The Jack Sigler / Chess Team series now spans eighteen titles, with two more on the way in 2015. This guidebook provides detailed summaries of the previous full length novels and the ‘Chesspocalypse’ (or ‘Callsign’) novellas. There’s also a small nod to the ‘Jack Sigler Continuum’ short novel, Guardian. Filled with character biographies, a roster of villainous threats and descriptions of devious creatures that have all appeared over the course of the series, Endgame is the perfect reference book for your Chess Team questions.

The book also contains twenty original illustrations of the main characters by Christian Guldager, as well as a section of ‘eye witness sketches’ of creatures and events by Jeremy Robinson and fans of the series. As if that weren’t enough, the whole book is wrapped in a short story about the team’s handler, Deep Blue, which reveals the aftermath of the new novel Cannibal.

Delve deeply into Deep Blue’s personal files on the team and its supporting cast, to either catch up so you can jump in with the current novels, or to relive your favorite moments from this explosive series.

The Jack Sigler Thrillers, starting with Pulse, are now in development as a feature film series with director Jabbar Raisani, whose work on Game of Thrones earned him an Emmy Award.

Jeremy Robinson and Kane Gilmour, the international bestselling duo behind Ragnarok and Omega, bring you this comprehensive guidebook and a surprising short story framing sequence sure to have die-hard Chess Team fans salivating for the next book in the series.


(Endgame is an Amazon exclusive.)

So that’s cool, right? A little guidebook and story all in one, with Deep Blue’s (and some of Lewis Aleman’s) personal observations peppered throughout. Give it a try. And for anyone looking for a reading order on all the Chess Team books?


But wait, there’s more.

Jeremy has a new website look, too, and you can find it here: His newest post reveals that he’s introducing yet another pen name, this one being ‘Jeremiah Knight.’ Mr. Knight’s tales will focus on post-apocalyptic themes, and he announced that the first series will be called ‘The Hunger Series.’ I’m editing the first book in that series, Hunger, right now.

But it’s the seviking-tomorrow-logocond series that will be coming out under the Knight pseudonym that I’m more excited about. ‘The Berserkers Saga,’ the first book of which will be called Viking Tomorrow, will be co-authored by yours truly, even though it’ll still be released under the Knight name. (Just to clarify, I’m not involved in the writing of ‘The Hunger Series’—that one is all Jeremy). We’ll have more info about ‘The Berserker Saga’ just as soon as the cover art is done.

“But…but…but what about Frozen?” I can hear you ask. I’m working on it now. I expect to finish it off before starting work on Viking Tomorrow. So have no fear, Jason Quinn fans. He’ll be returning very soon. When exactly? I can’t say. I have to finish writing the book first. As soon as I’m done writing it, I’ll have a better idea on release date. But the watchword is ‘soon.’ Meanwhile, have a glance at the redesigned cover for Resurrect and the cover that will be on Frozen.


And for those five or six of you that know my other pseudonym, rest assured that we’ll see some more short stories from him this year, too. Plus there are two anthologies coming later in the year with Kane Gilmour short stories in them. I’ll announce those as we get closer. And for the Creature Feature fans, you can expect my next nostalgic horror novella, The Monster of Frankenstein around Halloween. Hopefully.